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Network Nebraska Cost Reports
Pursuant to Neb.Rev.Stat. 86-5,100 [As amended by LB1071, § 43 (2010)], the Office of the Chief Information Officer has prepared a financial report of actual revenue and expenses dating back to the inception of Network Nebraska—Education, July 2006. This report is to be provided annually to each Network Nebraska—Education participant and to the Legislative Fiscal Office.

The first page of the report is the summary of the Participation Fee, Interregional Transport Fee, and Renovo Software, from FY 2006-07 through FY2009-2010. Subsequent pages provide additional detail for each year and for each subcategory.
Click here to download the report.

Network Nebraska is a collaborative effort under the auspices of the Nebraska Information Technology Commission (NITC) to share telecommunications resources, network services, and applications among eligible participants.

Network Nebraska is the term used to describe the statewide multipurpose telecommunications backbone and all of its associated service offerings and support. Network Nebraska is made possible through a consortium of public entities working together to provide a scalable, reliable and affordable infrastructure capable of carrying a spectrum of services and applications.

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